Mini tensioner

Cable anchor

Layback Cable anchor is a smart mechanical anchor which can be used to anchor subsea cables in axial direction. It has a body of polyurethane and spring-loaded stainless-steel flukes that bury into the seabed. The polyurethane body is slim so that the cable can be go over the laying wheel or chute with the elements on.

A ROV is used to release the flukes in the water column before the anchor clamp hits the seabed. The spikes will then penetrate the seabed and anchor the cable in the same way as a traditional anchor. By orientating second each anchor 90 degrees to the previous, it is ensured go get proper engagement to the seabed.

Typical areas where the anchor clamps are beneficial are on top of steep slopes to ensure that the cable will not slide down the slope or at sections of the route where it is important to ensure that the cable is not sliding.

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