Some of our reference projects:

Mini tensioner

The mini tensioner was built as an internal prototype projects. Normally we use fabricators to build our machines and equipment but this one is designed, built, programmed and tested exclusively by in-house recourses. The project was great learning and a lot of fun. The machine is designed to be portable by hand for use in any location. It has a pulling capacity of 200kg which can easily be increased by adding more of the modular wheel pairs.

Diver installable bellmouth

The diver installable bellmouth was designed by our great cable engineers at BEIN Engineering for one of our offshore cable installation clients. It was a retrofit bellmouth which was installed onto the end of the PE liner from a HDD. The feedback from the client was that it was a clever design that was easy to install with divers.

ROV installable bellmouth

The ROV installable bellmouth was designed by our great cable engineers at BEIN Engineering for one of our offshore cable installation clients. It is designed for deep water installation with ROV. The bellmouth was successfully installed onto the PE liner from a HDD.

Turnpoint anchor

Several turnpoint anchors have been delivered to our offshore cable installation clients. The turnpoint anchors are placed on seabead prior to cable installation as part of the preparatory work. During cable installation it is then possible to make sharp turns, close to the MBR of the cable, by routing around the turnpoint anchors. After cable installation the turnpoint anchors are removed. The feedback from the client is that the turnpoint anchors are easy to handle and that they are stable when routing the cable around them.

Cable Lifter

The cable lifter was delivered as a custom made machine to one of our onshore cable installation clients. In one of their cable installation projects, a total of 27km of 420kV and 135kV cables should be lifted from ground level onto wall mounted cable ladders inside a tunnel. The cable lifter is designed for mounting on an excavator stick. It consists of a cable hauler with an inlet roller chute and an outlet guiding system with hydraulics for finetuning of the cable position. When lifting the cable, the excavator driver slowly belts the excavator backwards while the cable hauler pulls the cable into position. From the excavator cabin, the driver has full control of the cable from two CCTVs. The client was very satisfied with the machine and informed that the cable installation was performed very efficiently thanks to the cable lifter.

Roller bow for excavator

The roller bow for excavator was designed for one of our onshore cable installation clients. During cable pulling operations, roller bows are often used where a change in cable direction is required. Roller bows are often anchored or held in place by concrete blocks and installation can be time consuming.
This roller bow is mounted on the stick of the excavator. This makes it easy to move around, and quick to mobilize. Another big advantage with the cable bow for excavator is that it can be used in several configurations; horizontal, vertical and even adjusted during pulling operations if required.
The feedback from the client was that this roller bow made the pulling operation much more efficient than anchored rollerbows and that it was economical as the same rollerbow could be used in several locations and configurations.

Cable support

Several cable support structures have been designed for our onshore cable installation clients. Such structures are used where odd routing or high loads require custom design. The structures on the picture were designed to fit into a blasted shaft inside a tunnel. They were designed based on a 3d scan of the tunnel and shaft. Due to the tight space, the cables were pulled directly into special pull-in clamps. The structures were designed for installation loads in additional to short circuit loads.

BEIN Engineering is a multidiscipline company with great experience of cable installation both onshore and offshore. We have  standard products in our portfolio but can also design custom equipment for your project.

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