Mini tensioner

Cable Lifter

Land cables are often installed onto cable shelves. It is normal to first pull the cable on ground level and then lift the cables into final position, meter by meter. For heavy cables this work requires a big team of manpower and is often related to high risk of pinched fingers and back injuries. Layback Cable lifter replace this manual work.

The cable lifter has an integrated tensioner and is mounted on an excavator. It lifts the cable onto the cable shelves while the excavator slowly drives backwards. This limits the manual handling of the cable, streamlines the operation and reduces risk of injuries to personnel.

The excavator driver has full overview of the positioning of the cable from multiple CCTVs. The cable lifter is delivered with a remote control to start and stop the cable pulling and to finetune the cable position sideways.

Read more about Layback’s Cable lifter developed by BEIN Engineering in conjunction with one of their projects.

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