Mini tensioner

Medium Tensioner

Key features:

  • Pulling capacity: 1000 to 5000kg
  • Real-time logging of tension and speed via app for all operators.

The Layback medium tensioner is a modular cable tensioner with one tonne pulling capacity per wheel pair. It can be delivered with one to five wheel pairs, which gives a pulling capacity range from one to five tonnes. The wheel pairs are synchronized with extreme high precision, and it is also possible to connect two or more tensioners with synchronized pulling speed. Contact BEIN engineering for pulling calculations and optimal number off tensioners and locations for your specific project.

The tensioner can be delivered both as an indoor and an outdoor version. This way you can save money on components with lower IP class if you know that your machine will be under shelter.  Typical usage areas for the Layback Medium Tensioner are in cable manufacturing or storing facilities where cable is pulled from drums/turntables and onto vessels or vice versa.

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