Mini tensioner

Mini Tensioner

Key features:

• Pulling capacity per module: 100kg

• Weight per module: 50kg

• Short rigging time with quick connections

• Add modules to obtain required pulling force, 5 modules = 500kg pulling capacity

• Real-time logging of tension and speed via app for all operators.

Layback mini tensioner is a handy portable tensioner designed for pulling operations in the field. It is designed with light weight material and delivered in modules which can be carried by hand to the location of installation. Due to the modular design, the required pulling force can be obtained by combining as many modules as needed. Each module can pull 100kg, so for a 200kg pulling force you simply quick connect 2 modules.

The modules can also be assembled in a curved configuration to enable pulling around a corner. The benefit of this configuration is that it pushes the cable through the curve and reduces required pulling force after the curve. A traditional curved roller bow increase the pulling tension if positioned in the same location.

The modules are easy to assemble and wire up with quick connections which reduces your rigging time. Typical usage areas for the mini tensioner are in rough terrain and in locations where heavier tensioners cannot be installed. Typically, 1 to 5 modules are assembled to give a pulling capacity of 100 to 500kg. Such assemblies can also be located several places along your cable path if more power is needed. Contact BEIN engineering for pulling calculations and optimal number off tensioners and locations for your specific project.

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