When doing pull-in of offshore cables onto platforms it is often required to pull some additional meters of cable onto the deck before the cable hang-off is performed. This additional length is to ensure that cable jointing can be performed at desired location.

For this operation the pull in wire is often routed over a Quadrant located over the hang-off. When pulling in, the cable will curve over the quadrant and is pulled horizontal towards the pull-in winch to gain additional meters.

The Layback Quadrants can be delivered both pre-assembled but also in boxes or containers for assembling on site, depending on your requirements.

They are light weight and can be moved between several pull-in locations by jack trolleys. To ensure that pull-in load does not increase too much over the quadrant, the Layback Quadrant use low friction rollers.

The curvature and number of rollers are adapted to your specific project. Contact BEIN Engineering and our Cable Engineers will calculate and design the correct Quadrant based on pulling forces, cable bending radius and acceptable point loads on the cable.

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