Layback cable turn point anchor

The Layback cable turn point anchor prevents damage to submarine cables used for export and import of electrical power, and for optical fiber cables used for communication. The turn point anchor maintains the minimum bending radius of a cable when redirecting it at seabed during installation offshore.

The Layback cable turn point anchor is pre-installed at seabed prior to the marine cable laying operation from a vessel. In combination with a clump weight bolted to the turn point anchor, the sawtooth design in the bottom of the cable turn point anchor easily penetrates the soil to ensure a stable and fixed structure. The marine cable is later laid around a segment of the cable turn point anchor to redirect the cable during laying. A favorable cable tension can be kept without pulling the cable out of the already laid cable route. The Layback turn point anchor is produced with a suitable outer diameter to prevent a marine cable from overbending causing damage to it. The “open” steel structure of the Layback turn point anchor avoids suctions effects towards seabed which makes retrieval to vessel easy. Simply connect the associated cable turn point anchors rigging to the vessels crane hook and lift off. The rigging is adapted to the turn point anchor’s center of gravity keeping a stable lift, and the “open” steel structure reduces slamming effects entering the splash zone.

The Layback cable turn point anchor has a cost-effective design keeping dimensions suitable for road transport which is ideal both for a cost effective and rapid delivery and for later storage. The main weight of the structure is kept to a minimum, and the associated clump weight may be adapted to the specific operation. This is found preferable for safe handling. The maintenance requirements are minimal, and the design is optimized for re-use. Dismantled, the Layback cable turn point anchor requires minimal storage space. A minimum of tools is required to put the split design bolted turn point anchor back in to operative mode.

Layback strive to make cost-effective and sustainable solutions for our clients. Low carbon footprint is in focus when designing our products.

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